Potasium Amyl Xanthate

Potasium Amyl Xanthate

Potasium Amyl Xanthate


liquid Potassium Amyl xanthate
Product Information(especial premixed of potassium amyl dixantogen & perxanthate with aero 404)

Product Name                              Z306
color                                   red brown liquid

Odor                       Strong, disagreeable sulphur odor
Melting Point                           19.5 to -21.5
Boiling Point                                   143
Flashing Point                                 239
Solubility                  Soluble in water. Hygroscopic (readily absorbs water)

Assay                                               ≥99
Free alkali                                         ≤4%
Water and volatile matter                  ≤4.0%
It is the most powerfull collectivity xanthate used in the flotation treatment of sulfide and metallic ores with tarnished effect, specially a good collector for the flotation of Cu & Pb & Zn sulphide ore as well as GOLD OR SILVER associated with pyrite






Solid Potassium Amyl xanthate
Characteristics                    Values
Appearance                  Yellowish solid,soluble in water
Form                            powder or pellet
Xanthate purity % min          90.0
Free alkali % max                   0.2
Moisture & volatile % max      4.0

It is the strongest but least selective of the xanthate range of reagents used in the flotation of metal sulfides and gold bearing pyrite

  o 120 Kg steel drums 

This material should be stored in a cool dry well-ventilated area. It should be protected from heat, water or moisture

Self heating solid. Do not cause sparks when opening the original package. Dust irritates the eyes, nose throat and lungs. Wear eye protection and gloves, dust mask
if necessary


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