Yazd | The dry port and the Mahdiabad lead and zinc mine employ 2,000 people

Yazd | The dry port and the Mahdiabad lead and zinc mine employ 2,000 people

Yazd | The dry port and the Mahdiabad lead and zinc mine employ 2,000 people

Mehp city novelist, stating that the dry port and lead and zinc mine of Mehdiabad employs 2,000 people, said: The executive apparatus of Mehriz city is ready to cooperate with investors in the field of tourism.

According to Mobin News from Tasnim News Agency from Yazd, Reza Zare ‌ Zadeh today in the administrative council of Mehriz, which was attended by Ayatollah Naseri, representative of the Supreme Leader in the province and the Friday prayer leader of Yazd and Mohammad Ali Talebi, governor of Yazd, referring to the capacity Of this city stated: Mehriz city is one of the ancient cities and one of the garden cities of Yazd province, which was registered with this title last year.

The governor of Mehriz city stated that the population of this city is 52 thousand people and said: Mehriz city has 45 villages, one district, 46 villages with more than 20 families and more than 420 villages and hamlets with inhabitants.

He stated that Mehriz city has advantages in three areas among the cities of Yazd province and added: in the field of tourism, Mehriz city has two world registered works, one is Pahlavanpour Garden and the other is Hassanabad Garden.

p> Zare ‌ Zadeh pointed to the identification of 44 historical castles in Mehriz city and noted: One of the most beautiful seasonal springs called Gharbal ‌ Biz is located in Mehriz city, which welcomes many guests from all over the province during the week and Nowruz holidays. Is the country.

The governor of Mehriz city pointed out that there are two industrial towns in this city: two districts, four industrial complexes, eight tile factories, three steel factories and Simorgh and Salar Jojeh complexes are active in Mehriz city. / p> He described one of the biggest projects in Yazd province as the construction of Mehdiabad lead and zinc processing factories and said: "This mine has been set up with a reserve of 150 million tons and an investment of one billion dollars. Completion will directly create employment for nearly a thousand people.

Zarezadeh, stating that the establishment of a dry port with 700 hectares of land with specific uses can create thousands of people in the city, said: "This port is under construction and we hope to be able in the coming years." With the launch of various departments, we will see a stable employment in the city of Mehriz.

The governor of Mehriz city pointed out: Tejarat cement factory with an annual production capacity of one million tons of cement has been able to create employment for 350 people in the city.

He further said that the first rank of egg production in Yazd belongs to Mehriz city with a production capacity of about 11 tons and employment of 560 people and added: Mehriz city also ranks second in the province red meat and first rank in deer breeding in Yazd with a capacity It has 120 heads.

Zare ‌ Zadeh stated in the end: due to the readiness of tourism infrastructure, any investment willing to invest in the field of tourism in Mehriz city will be accompanied by all executive bodies and there is no problem in this regard. .



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