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Information About Noorian Tading


        Nourian Production and Trading Complex is active in marketing and importing chemicals of processing industries by flotation and leaching of copper, lead, zinc, iron and coal metals, and in this regard, in order to provide appropriate services and raw materials along with importing foreign products , Has tried to establish cooperation with domestic knowledge-based institutions in order to support domestic industries and create employment and the possibility of easier and cheaper access to materials required by mineral complexes. The imported goods of this complex are mainly from China and India, which in Special cases and depending on the needs of customers, goods from Germany and Russia are also provided.
          Domestic chemicals are available to customers at a lower cost than foreign samples, including lack of shipping costs, customs clearance, long-term capital accumulation and currency price fluctuations. In addition, there is the ability to change some properties of production materials, in accordance with the soil sample of the complexes. .
        Relying on the technical, experimental knowledge and technical ability of the knowledge-based collection of its partner, Nourian Group has the ability to provide advice for setting up flotation and leaching lines and will be mobile and synchronized until the end of launching the lines. >


    The goal of the Nourian Group is to create sustainable and long-term economic interactions, which is possible only on the basis of mutual trust and consideration of the interests of the parties. In this regard, our effort is to satisfy the customer and provide the possibility of economic exchanges, both in the field of imported goods and domestically produced materials, by offering reasonable prices along with competitive quality with other products in the market. p>


Noorian Trading Goals


  • Supporting Iranian producers and entrepreneurs and helping to create jobs for our esteemed compatriots
  • Sustainability of activity in the shadow of providing all materials required by customers, maintaining quality and adhering to commitments
  • Supplying materials with good quality along with having a reasonable price